The Maven Firm offers clients a full range of services designed to increase brand awareness and effective establishment in the marketplace. We work closely in developing strategies and messaging that convey the unique voices of our clients.

    • Relationship Building
    • Media Relations
    • Media Strategies, Press Materials, Media Kit Development
    • Creative Ideas & Campaigns
    • Celebrity Endorsement
    • Production & Event Creation
    • Social Media (Development & Maintenance, SEO Enhancement)
    • Crisis Management
    • Brand Creation & Identity
    • Sponsorship Resources
    • Brand Positioning & Establishment
    • Event Public Relations
    • Celebrity Seeding & Outreach
    • Product Placement
    • Media Partnerships/Strategic Alliances
    • Organic Marketing
    • Cross Marketing
    • Image Consulting
    • Position & Messaging Statement Development
    • Strategic Consultations
    • Media Training
    • Web Design
    • Casting
    • Brand Alliance


The Maven Firm holds strong alliances with a wide variety of media outlets, brands and personalities.

Our first-rate ability to transact, plan, and produce newsworthy exposure and unparalleled concepts within the press, is what propels The Maven Firm and our clients to the top.





The Maven Firm is a boutique marketing, public relations, and branding agency, with headquarters in New York City, along with counterparts in Southern Florida and Los Angeles.  Comprised of over a decade of experience, we set out to not only represent our clients in the media but also establish partnerships where we become invaluable members of their internal team.  Our clients are a mixture of luxury and innovative mass, so we understand the unique needs of each.  We don’t believe that lifestyle, fashion, spirits, and beauty exist in their own media “bubbles” - we work across the masthead to maximize messaging and reach various targets, priding ourselves on our media relationships.  Maven creates multi-faceted programs that target a variety of audiences, to maximize awareness, yet still stay true to the larger brand messaging. We are mindful of creating initiatives that not only enhance the image of a brand, but contribute directly to increase traffic and recognition.

The Maven Firm

54. W 40th Street

New York, NY 10008

P: 212.933.4253
F: 212.837.2849